mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Spa training - The Art of Soulful Treatment for Spa Therapist

SOUL COACHING - The Art of Soulful Treatment for Spa Therapist - Spa Training by Julien Levy Centre Kalya

Beyond the protocol, a massage can become an experience guests feel deep inside.
Beyond the protocol, your body-mind-spirit posture is everything.

Using his yoga, martial arts and massage expertise, Julien Levy coaches spa therapists to become Soulful, Intuitive, and Conscious care givers who are in-tuned with both their own needs and those of the guests’, flowing through his “Eight Soulful Massage Principles©”.
The 3-day course includes training in physical and mental postures, establishing positive intention and guest connection, breathing techniques, visualization and meditation.

With Julien Levy’s unique synthesis, massage becomes a holistic art of being, flowing, focusing, giving, connecting.
Centre Kalya's founder (France), spa trainer and yoga teacher, Julien Levy is available internationally for spa trainings and yoga retreats.

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